Insurance Transcription


Published on October 17, 2019

We love working with typists that have had experience transcribing for an insurance company, law enforcement agency, courts, or a law office. We find those most happy with contracting complete 60+ minutes of work each day Monday through Friday.

Work on a PC with Microsoft Windows 10, a minimum 8 GB of RAM and a version of Microsoft Office that has Word (you should be very proficient) and Excel (open & view only)8. Have or be willing to purchase noise canceling headphones, and an Infinity USB-2 foot pedal10. Have a high speed Internet connection (minimum 15Mbps and can effectively stream a You Tube video).

Complete an assessment process to demonstrate your transcription and proofreading skills3. If you reside in California, Illinois, and Massachusetts you are not eligible for this opportunity.

THE FUTUREWe will be looking to work with experienced editors (proofreaders) in the near future. Please check our web site over the next couple months for more details. is a property of
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