Pro Fee Audit Specialist


Published on November 7, 2019

QualificationsMinimum of 3 years experience coding or auditingCCS and RHIA or RHIT credentials preferredRecent experience in academic/level 1 trauma centersExperience coding or auditing inpatient and outpatient records for various facilitiesTrack record of acceptable productivity standardsMaintain 95% accuracy rate for APC assignment and 95% productivity rateExperience with various software including EMR, Encoder and Auditing softwareWorking conditionsOver 90% of the time is spent indoors, with protection from weather conditions. exposure to noise levels that may be distracting or uncomfortable is present in only unusual situations.

Physical requirementsSitting, talking, hearing and near vision are required over 90% of the time, while walking is required about 10% of the time.

Standing is required over 30% of the time.

The sense of touch is required 90% of the time and reaching is required about 50% of the time. Bending, twisting, and climbing are required, as is far vision, but only for 10% or less of the time. Low levels of lifting (10 pounds or less) are required about 25% of the time, while medium levels (20 to 40 pounds) of lifting and carrying are required less than 5% of the time.

High levels (52 pounds) of lifting are required under 2% of the time. Driving is a considerable portion of the position. is a property of
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