Digital Marketing Strategist


Published on January 21, 2020

The Southern Web Digital Marketing Strategest is a broad-based position that encompasses a number of disciplines: SEO, SEM, email marketing and social media.

The Digital Marketing Strategist work with our sales team to provide engagement estimates, our internal team to implement Southern Web own digital marketing strategy, and our clients to create and improve their digital marketing campaigns. Responsibilities:Research products, services and current strategies to identify new opportunitiesAnalyze web traffic metrics and suggest solutions to boost web presenceMonitor clients' SEO, SEM, marketing, and site performance trendsCraft successful digital marketing strategiesKeep up-to-date with our clients' preferencesProactively upsell new initiativesIdentify and document goals, pain points, and benchmarks. Stay up-to-date with digital technologies developments and establish best practicesProvides reports on the advancement of initiativesRequirements is a property of
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