External Script Writer (Contract, Off-Site)


Published on March 24, 2020

We are looking for writers to work on contract, delivering content for our hit mobile game 'Choices: Stories You Play. ' The content will come in the form of scripts that include dialogue, descriptions of action, and branching narratives based on player choices. You will be provided with some general training and samples of our formatting, as well as a detailed outline for the content you will be writing.

You will also keep track of story elements like characters and locations and write short descriptions for how you envision them for us to give to our art team.

RequirementsOur ideal candidate creates stories with interesting characters and compelling narratives, is able to follow the established style and tone of our games, and can write from a variety of perspectives. This can be a published book, a purchased screenplay, work on a released video game, etc. Candidates without all required materials will not be consideredWe encourage you to download and play Choices: Stories You Play, High School Story, and Hollywood U (available on i OS, Android, and Kindle) to get a feel for the type of work our studio does.

BenefitsPixelberry is a studio in Mountain View, CA dedicated to creating games with heart. We are 5 for 5 in developing Top 100 games that blend addictive design with compelling narrative gameplay.

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