Story Editor


Published on April 2, 2020

Snopes, the oldest, most reputable fact-checking website in the U. , is looking for a stellar Story Editor to help our newsroom line-edit a trove of content that serves millions of readers each month.

Snopes recently transitioned to AP style but adheres to modified MLA for source bibliography in fact checks. Our little company puts a primacy on internal collaboration, respectfulness, and esprit de corps -- no grumps need apply. Support daily content production with line-editing, headline and social copy drafting, proofreading, and other copywriting and editing as required.

Supports Snopes team members with training and feedback as needed to strengthen our style guide compliance company-wide, among other issues.

To apply, please provide a one-page resume with at least 3 references listed and links to 3 story packages you have done primary edits on, and a short cover letter (maximum 250 words) explaining why you think you are the top person for this job. We will consider whether to make this position a management job, supervising a half dozen reporters, depending on the candidate skills.

We are slightly more than a baker dozen of reporters, editors, developers, and professionals passionate about journalism, media literacy, and, of course, fighting misinformation. We work remotely -- there is no official Snopes office -- but we maintain a collaborative and supportive team dynamic. is a property of
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