Editors (Virtual)


Published on April 3, 2020

The Editors will be responsible for ensuring proper grammar, formatting, branding, and content of sensitive reports containing patient medical and billing information.

You might be the right person if you. Exemplify attention to detail, strong critical thinking skills, and a passion for vigorous, accurate writing.

Constantly catch typos in written materials, inconsistencies in TV scenes, and improper grammar used by those around you.

Specifically, you willReview small to large Excel workbooks of data for accurate application of formulas, cross-referencing totals, and ensuring comments and analysis match the content. format borders, shading, fonts, branding elements, and page design of Excel files and Word documents. The company legal, business, and technology professionals extend and enable the resources and capabilities of customers worldwide.

Elevate achievements and distinctions include:Winner of the American Lawyer Industry Awards Best Alternative Legal Services Provider of the Year 2019.

Winner of the IACCM Innovation and Excellence Awards 2019 - Outstanding Service Provider (Americas and Global). Ranked as a Top Global Services Provider by Chambers & Partners five years in a row.

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