Simplero : Social Media Manager


Published on May 22, 2020

If yes, then read on!

I'm Calvin Correli, and I'm looking for a world-class Social Media Manager to work directly with me and my outstanding marketing team. I'm a super creative individual, a spiritual teacher, someone who loves engaging with my audience to serve them, coach them, love them, kick them, shake them, wake them, inspire them, uplift them, make them laugh, and make them cry. I need someone who sees the power and potential in my mess and my message, and knows how to build a massive audience, following, and community around that.

Building my personal brand is my number one focus in 2020, so we will be working very closely together. I founded Simplero, a software company that helps coaches, authors and speakers transform lives at scale through online courses and memberships.

We are changing lives, we are providing livelihoods, and we are offering an insanely valuable service, especially in these times. This is a full-time remote position, though being able to meet up with Calvin in-person in New York City (once this whole corona situation is over) is a plus. You are good at:Creating engaging content, analyzing the engagement results and being quick to make necessary changesBeing super strategic about your workExecuting consistently and disciplined on a strategyQuickly getting ideas and running with themQuickly sensing what resonates with people and how to engage themThinking on your feet and figuring things outLearning and growing every dayWriting and communicating clearlyCatching the latest memes and goings-ons and riffing on themMoving quickly, making stuff happen What you will doYou will be responsible for everything related to my brand--strategy, content, marketing--alongside me.

Responsibilities include at a high level:Building a rockstar plan and strategy on Instagram and FacebookBuilding a social media presence on Instagram and FacebookBuilding brand awareness by engaging relevant influencersAnalyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectivesDeveloping and refining the overall brand strategyExtracting and cross-posting micro-content from our pillar contentExecuting new pillar content and micro content ideasDriving traffic to that contentListening to, engaging with, and fostering community among our audienceCurating questions from our audienceGetting Calvin booked on other people shows, and other people on Calvin showsManaging Calvin website, blog, email /newsletter, and all social media propertiesBooking speaking engagementsRequirementsWhat you will need2+ years of recent, full-time social media/brand building experienceExperience working in a rapidly growing environmentExceptionally good at figuring out everything to do with using social media and related tech .

you do not need no IT supportExperience turning raw footage and ideas into compelling creativeA can-do attitude and natural ability to adapt in a dynamic environmentA sharp mind, and a hunger to make a big splashExperience working with a content CalendarCan take our concepts and strategies and execute them dailyBenefitsWhy join usWorking with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and give you the opportunity to work with world-class talent. is a property of
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