Greenback Expat Tax Services: Integrator/COO


Published on June 30, 2020

This means you will lead, manage, and hold the team accountable, as well as ensure everyone is rowing in the right direction, at the right cadence and without any stumbling blocks.

Our philosophy at Greenback is that the only way to provide incredible customer care and grow rapidly is to have an extremely high performing team. People management means setting the bar high, ensuring complete clarity around accountabilities and expectations and doing what it takes to enable the team to achieve their goals.

The CEO, with the input and support of you and the leadership team, will create the company vision, the annual strategic ROCKS, and you will deliver upon those. Your role will be to ensure that the strategy gets adhered to 100%, and the goals are met, while adjusting plans real time throughout the year.

That means we have documented and established SOPs that are followed, that we use structure and process as our guide, that we have no single points of failure, that we manage our risks and issues proactively and in a controlled way. Collaborate with the Visionary (CEO) to take the company vision and strategy and put it into place and translate that to the management team. You need to live, eat and breathe that philosophy, and make sure that all our people, process, product and systems do too.

You are an effective project manager, disciplined in the way you use systems and processes, and genuinely enjoy SOPs. is a property of
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