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Published on June 30, 2020

Date posted: 29 Jun 2020About TockTock is changing the way restaurants, wineries, and culinary event organizers run their business and how guests explore, discover, and book at these places all around the globe. Nick Kokonas and Chef Grant Achatz opened Alinea to international fanfare in 2005--now a perennial Michelin three star and widely considered one of the best restaurants in the world. Nick founded Tock with Brian Fitzpatrick, founder of Google Chicago engineering office, to do just that -- to design and develop a new, robust reservation platform to change the way people around the world search, book, and dine.

Tock explosive growth (as of May 2020):Awarded Built In '2020 Best Places to Work'Announced Tock platform will be powering JP Morgan Chase new Dining ProgramWon Chicago Tribune 'Game Changer' Award for industry innovationReached a global customer base of 30 countries operating in 200+ citiesProcessed almost $1 billion in prepaid reservationsFeatured in: New York Times, Bloomberg, GQ, Vice, Wired, Food & Wine, Eater, Skift Table, Chicago Tribune, Crain Chicago Business, New York Post, and moreNamed one of 2019 50 Startups to WatchLet us introduce ourselvesWe are a small, passionate team of product designers who share a love for all things food and dining, which is what attracted each of us to Tock. Why TockNearly 3,000 restaurants, from neighborhood favorites to the world best use Tock to manage reservations, book pickup and delivery orders, run events, reduce no-shows, increase sales, and improve hospitality.

Our unwavering mission has been to help restaurants run better businesses, which is why we did not slow down or stand idle as the pandemic made waves throughout the hospitality industry.

We quickly spun up a robust but low-cost pickup and delivery feature, a first of its kind contactless ordering and payment flow, and new configuration tools to help restaurants reopen safely. We work closely with leadership and stakeholders across the company to develop business objectives, gather insights, prioritize problems and ideas, explore solutions, and coordinate feature releases. in mind while exploring design solutionsYou understand the capabilities and limitations of HTML, CSS, and Java ScriptWhat we offer is a property of
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