PHP Developer


Published on April 7, 2021

We are not a start-up * Highly-attentive to details, able to cross all the t's and dot all the i's and help review/fix issues with the code of others * There is direct project oversight, but you are expected to take ownership of your work and your projects, establish deadlines, and communicate progress proactively * Eager to research and learn in a self-directed way (always improving) * Easygoing, fun, and a team player – must be able to comprehend highly-advanced forms of sarcasm * Working knowledge of xkcd comic strip or similar, is useful We prefer a great/interested/excited programmer with less experience to an unmotivated or unengaged programmer with tons of experience. TO APPLY Submit a cover letter with your resume that includes 1) a development project you are particularly proud of, and why; and 2) a favorite clip from youtube.

Location: Remote Work anywhere in the US, must live in the US We are growing! Join a technology team of 35+ rockstar developers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, project managers, etc who support a company of over 130 people with industry-leading web applications for subscription-based continuing education.

ABOUT THE TEAM Our meetings are filled with sarcasm, laughter, and movie quotes. Other requirements include: * A communication pro – must be able to explain technical issues to a non-technical person, pleasantly (we are always on Slack with stakeholders) * Extensive experience with PHP, Modern Frameworks (Laravel, CakePHP, etc.), HTML5, jQuery, Vue, SASS & CSS * Structured, disciplined approach to development, testing, and deployment. We share code on github whenever able and we try to contribute back to the open-source community, on whose shoulders we stand.

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Paired programming isn’t required, but it’s encouraged along with lots of collaboration. is a property of
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