Ellipsis Marketing LTD: Content Specialist (freelance)


Published on June 10, 2021

We sit at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress ecosystem, serving agencies who sell websites to the biggest companies in the world, and product businesses who sell functionality to WordPress users.

The content we create goes through a robust process, and you’ll help us add capacity to this process.

This will involve creating SEO-focused outlines for our writers, edits to content we receive, and helping the process run smoothly. This role would suit someone with existing editorial or content marketing experience. This will help you create content outlines, edit existing content, and sometimes respond to client queries directly.

You’ll see a lot of content and have the opportunity to learn a lot about content marketing, SEO, and content processes.

WordPress powers 40% of the internet and we support its product and service economy with digital marketing.

Ellipsis Marketing is a forward-thinking digital marketing agency for WordPress businesses.

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