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Do I really need a camcorder, to create a video? No, most digital cameras, webcams and cellphones can make videos.

How can I do this if I'm not a professional director/cameraperson/actor? Doesn't matter – just look at all the videos that people post on YouTube. Better yet, look at the ones right here on Technical quality doesn't matter as much as content and clarity.

How can I do this if I'm not a professional editor either? Neither are most of the people who post here. Most people use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker – free programs that come on Mac and PC respectively. Plus, many digital video cameras have editing capabilities built right in. But you may not need to edit your video at all – just keep it short and sweet.

What video formats do you accept? .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4 and .MPG. The best size is 320 x 240 pixels. The best format is .MP4.

How long should my video be? Keep your video under 3 minutes – somewhere between 30 seconds and 60 seconds is best – just like real commercials.

Do I have to make a video, or can I just post a photograph? You can post a photograph in addition to your video. But you must post a video. Your video can consist of a still image or a slide show with you talking over it – but it will still need to be in one of the video formats mentioned above.

How do I post my video on videojobshop?

1. Create an account. Click on the Registration link on the top right of the page, or click on the Post button on the right-hand side of the page. Once you've received your confirmation email, just follow the instructions. Once you've confirmed your password, you'll be ready to post your first video.

2. Click on the Post button. Select the city nearest you from the drop-down menu, fill in your zipcode, and select the category. You may post your video in more than one category, but you'll need to go through the posting process again. Don't go crazy – if we find the same video in every category, we'll delete all but one of them.

3. Fill in the title field. Make short, but descriptive.

4. Write a description. Be specific. Descibe the job you're seeking to fill or the job you think you're perfect for.

5. Add search words. Search words are keywords that people use when searching You don't have to add them to your video, but it'll increase the chances of your video being found by people who are searching.

For instance, if you're trying to hire an Internet developer, your search words might be:

Internet developer web javascript ajax CSS PHP usability

7. Click "Choose a video file" to upload your video. That will open a window that allows you to navigate to your movie file on your computer.

8. Add a custom thumbnail. This is optional, but we recommend that you add a photograph as your thumbnail. This is the first image of you and/or your workplace or company logo. Otherwise, they'll just see the first frame from your video, and that's not always the best representation of you or your company.

9. Click the Submit button. And you're done!

How do I post my second video? If you're already logged in, just click Post. Otherwise, login in first, then follow the same process that you did before.

How do I edit, repost, or delete my posts?
After logging in, select your video ad for playback, then click the "edit" tab at the top of the page.

Why was my video deleted? Probably because you violated our Terms of Use. If you believe your video was deleted in error, please send us an email.

Can I comment on other people's videos? Absolutely! Just log in and click the blue "Add new comment" link at the bottom of the page for that video. You must be logged in to add a comment. Any logged-in user may comment on your video, as well.

Just be sure to keep your comments constructive. Nasty comments will be deleted if they reach our attention. And if you repeatedly make nasty comments, your account will be terminated.

What happens when someone wants to contact me about my video They'll reply to your ad using the blind email address that is assigned to you when you post your ad. That way, your email address won't be available for all the world to see, but prospective buyers will be able to contact you.

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